About TamsinCakes

Locally made, handcrafted cupcakes with unique yet sophisticated flavors.

The goal here at TamsinCakes is to create innovative, sophisticated and, of course, totally delicious cupcake flavors. We would like to create a community of cupcake lovers, especially those looking for something a little different in their sweet treats. Please comment often, follow us on Twitter @TamsinCakes and join the Cupcake Conversation!

TamsinCakes is currently in Beta, creating & testing our flavors with delicious perfection in mind. Love cupcakes and live in the SF Bay Area? Be a Beta Tester! Leave a comment below or on any of our posts if you’re interested and I will get in touch with details.

Published on May 12, 2009 at 5:33 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. I love cupcakes, would love to be a Beta Tester, I haven’t found any in the city I am crazy about, and you’ve got whip cream frosting, I am all for it!!!

    • Monica,
      That’s great!! I’d love to have you as a Beta Tester – thank you so much for volunteering! I like to coordinate with my Testers via Twitter, so if you don’t already, just follow me at @TamsinCakes, Tweet @ me or DM me, and we can arrange for you to get some cupcakes to try!

      • I do follow you on twitter @luisnmon, I haven’t tried them yet, but they look delicious, I would love to buy a dozen Hot Cocoa ones from you for Father’s day, my husband is a chocoholic, is this possible??? Let me know. Thanks!!!

      • Oh cool! It’s hard to keep track of who’s following me sometimes – I see you now. 🙂 I’d be happy to make a dozen Hot Cocoa cupcakes for you for Father’s Day. I’ll send you an email to coordinate that.

  2. Hi, I am a new to baking and have tried several recipes , all of which come out horrible. My taste testers: myself, friend, husband, 12 yr old, 8 yr old and 5yr old. Not only are the cupcakes bad, but the frosting as well. Do you ever give advice and if so, where or what site. My friend and I want to make awesome cupcakes and decided to start with vanilla cupcakes and cannot get past those. Are those the hardest to perfect? we measure everything and follow recipes exactly. any help or advice appreciated. 🙂 thanks , renee

  3. I love cupcakes – a mini version of a cake – perfect for a taste tester like me 😉 I don’t live in the SF Bay area – in fact I don’t live in California anymore, but I hope it’s ok if I check in and look at your wonderful and unusual crations.

    I have a question – I LOVE COFFEE – anyting coffee flavor. Do you have a great coffee flavored cupcake or at least the frosting for it? I could use a chocolate cupcake with coffee frosting on top, like a Mocha cupcake – have you experimented with one yet? If so, I’d be interested to see what you came up with.

    Thanks so much,

  4. Just found your blog and I am totally jealous that I don’t live close enough to be a beta tester — your cupcakes look amazing and I’m sure taste as good as they look.
    Thanks for posting your recipe for SWC frosting. I’m just a (smallish-town) mom who loves to bake cupcakes for family and friends and always looking for a way to do it better. I’ll enjoy following your blog and perhaps someday I can make it to your shop to taste your cupcakes in person!

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